A paradise at your fingertips

With white sand and crystal clear waters, the beaches of El Cotillo rank among the most beautiful and impressive of Fuerteventura. From beautiful and relatively quiet beaches, adored by families and where surfers can experience the full force of the ocean.


The queen of a series of white sandy coves and turquoise waters is La Concha beach, one of the most famous beaches for its particular shape and clear waters. Here the waves are usually calm and even on windy days, it is possible to bathe in peace and quiet. You will find numerous circular stone walls to create your own little oasis of tranquillity. If it is a windy day, you will find shelter between the rocks at either end of the bay, which creates a natural shelter from the wind. At low tide, at the northern end of La Concha, beautiful pools of clear, warm water form between the rocks where many small fish gather, a perfect place for the little ones to play. This beach has public toilets and showers.


The beach of Aljibe de la Abuela is located 1 km south of El Cotillo and comprises several beaches with a total length of more than 1500 metres. This beach is open to the sea, with quite strong wind and waves. Cliffs and dunes surround the sandy beach.

The often big waves of the choppy west coast create paradisiacal conditions for the most experienced surfers.


About 6 km to the south is the beach of Esquinzo, popular among surfers. If you are lucky and get here at low tide, you can enjoy the calm waters of a beautiful natural pool between the cliffs on one side of the beach. Getting to the water is not easy, first, you have to drive along dirt roads and then walk along a stony path, but believe me, the beach is worth the effort. Near Esquinzo Beach begins the path to the Enchanted (or Lovers’) Ravine, a canyon carved by water and wind where the mist is often channelled creating a truly magical atmosphere.


Further north are the “Beaches of Los Lagos”, small coves of crystal blue water where, between black rocks and patches of fine white sand, numerous pools are formed, perfect for a refreshing swim. The best thing about these areas is that they are never crowded and when walking among the rocks in the shallow waters (always pleasantly warm) you can see plenty of little fish and other sea creatures.


To the south of El Cotillo is a small white sandy beach, El Caleton. Rivers of water separate the light-coloured beaches and create sheltered bays and lagoons that invite you to go scuba diving. You can enjoy the beauty of the reefs and the marine fauna.


Towards the south, after a long rocky stretch down the coast, is the Playa de la Escalera, which can only be reached by descending a long and rather adventurous concrete staircase. Here the sea is always rough and the currents are strong, so bathing is only recommended for experienced swimmers, at least at high tide. On the other hand, the beach is beautiful and intimate, surrounded by dark rocks that create fanciful outlines.