The best place to surf in El Cotillo

Whether you are an experienced surfer or a beginner, El Cotillo is your place to surf all year round. Come on your own or enjoy our surf courses for all levels.

The strong winds of the island of Fuerteventura make the beaches of El Cotillo perfect for surfing. In addition, the beaches are not overcrowded, so you will find space to enjoy the waves without any problems.

Surf courses

If you have never surfed before and would like to try it, this is your moment.

We have surf courses for all levels on the beaches of El Cotillo (beginner and intermediate) with all the equipment included.

These courses can be in groups or private if you prefer to enjoy this experience at your own pace with a private teacher.

Come to Hotel Coral Cotillo and ask about our courses.

kitesurf cotillo


If you prefer windsurfing or kitesurfing, El Cotillo is the ideal place for it.

On windier days you can enjoy this sport with friends, on your own, or with an instructor. 

You don’t need to bring your own equipment, the windsurfing schools will have everything you need from wetsuits to the board and sail.

Stay at our hotel and you will be close to the best beaches for all wind and water sports. 

Other courses


Have you ever tried an electric surfboard? If you already have experience in surfing or skateboarding, you will be able to control an efoil in just one session.

This new sport is totally environmentally responsible and does not emit any C02.

Paddle surf

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in recent years. Paddle surfing continues to be one of our visitors’ favorite activities.

It is an activity suitable for all levels and very easy to start without previous experience.


If you’ve tried paddlesurfing but it’s not for you, try Jetsurfing. This is surfing with an electrically powered board.

It is a perfect sport for those who have not tried surfing before as well as for experts. It is very easy to learn and suitable for those over 10 years old.

The best beaches in El Cotillo for surfing

Playa del Castillo

This is an area protected from the strong winds in the winter months making them gentler and easier to handle. Although there are always days when the tide and wind contribute and others when the power is strong enough to break the board.

It is a much more relaxed beach and a favorite for those learning to surf in the summer months.

Playa de Esquinzo

Spew Pits

This is a beach made for expert surfers due to its strong waves and rocky waters producing reef breaks. It is recommended to go in the autumn/winter months and surf at high tide or mid-tide.

Playa de Esquinzo

It’s an uncrowded bay where you can find gentle waves during the summer, suitable for beginners, but on windy days and at high tide the waves are perfect for more experienced surfers.

El Cotillo

During the summer, it is common to see beginners on their boards at this beach as the waves are gentler and not as high as in the winter months when more advanced surfers can be found.

Playa de las Mujeres

At this beach, you won’t see crowds or surf schools in high season. The waves are of very good quality with offshore winds. And although they can be a problem when the waves are huge, it is perfect for intermediate surfers.